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The Real Story & History of Conflict Blood Diamonds

What Are Conflict Blood Diamonds? By Nick Zistronia (South Africa)
October, 14 2017

What are "conflict blood diamonds"? This is actually a term that was made popular by the December, 8th, 2006 movie Blood Diamond (official trailer)  This powerful movie, directed by Edward Zwick was about the 1990s Civil War in Sierra Leone Africa. Leonardo DiCaprio played a white South African who is on a quest for what would be considered today a conflict blood diamond that could change everything about his destiny.

First Inside View of "Bloody" Diamond Trade
Of course, in this movie, we get one of the first inside views (albeit it through a work of historical fiction) of how the diamond trade affects the people and Africa and ultimately how these conflict blood diamonds create massive violence against humanity in an attempt to exploit labor and protect resources for the end goal of getting valuable diamonds and in return money for them.
Not only are these blood diamonds which are …

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