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How To Determine If Gold Is Real

How to Determine if Gold is Real

So you’ve inherited your great-grandmother’s gold diamond ring or found one at a pawn shop or antique store, and you’re wondering if it’s the real deal? Have you just collected a piece of junk, or have you stumbled upon a goldmine? Here is an explanation of the differences between “real”, “pure”, and “fake” gold, and ten ways to determine if the gold in your possession is, in fact, real.
What is real gold?
“Real gold” is a usually gold alloy, where gold is mixed with other metals (typically silver, copper, zinc, and palladium) to create a solid product. You might have heard of white, yellow, and rose gold. In reality, these colors are achieved by using specific percentages of the metals mentioned above. In contrast, “pure gold” is 100% gold and is relatively soft. A pure gold ring would be more expensive and less durable than a gold alloy.
The purity of gold is described in karats, with 24 karats being 100% gold and 1 karat being 1/24 parts gold and 23/24 …

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